Artist Statement 2010




As a contemporary fiber artist, I strive to tempt all boundaries of the traditional aesthetic to achieve imagery that has not been seen but is familiar.  I work predominantly with the female figure, literally or abstractly.  It is a readily accessible image and it immediately gives the audience certain preconceptions.  Despite these derived connotations, I tend to use the female form strictly as a vessel.  Layers of suggestion are built within the form.  To achieve the breakdown of these concepts, I begin with a very broad category and recall all of the associated emotions which are either positive or negative.  This system creates a dynamic and intrinsic struggle within the piece. 

In my final product, both emotional aspects can be seen and felt. The familiar female vessel essentially acts as a vehicle to dismember dichotomies overwrought in our culture.   I feel as if these figurative forms offer the audience a subtle view into the delicate conceptual dichotomies of being a human.  During the process, by using the human form to directly apply both painful and beautiful techniques, it greatly maximizes the intensity inherent within human emotion.  Generating and capitalizing on the viewer’s emotions is the ultimate goal of my work.

In my newer pieces, while I still use the same method at arriving at visual imagery, I have allowed myself to stray from a literal female form.  In the embrace of abstraction, I am freed to explore issues of the conscious and unconscious.  The investigation of the mind can be felt in my newer two-dimensional work.  In my future graduate studies at Tyler I am determined to delicately balance the subtle and bold portrayal of human emotion, while breaking the usual to create the unique.