Installation view of 45 credit review, Including:  Basin (sculputure
 in the foreground) and Embalmed (window gels in background); 2011
Basin, Cast plaster, ground B12 vitamins, sugar, and glitter, 36"x36"x5"; 2011
Void, Indivial cast foam pieces resting on a plexiglass plinth, each at 6"x3.5"x8", pedestal 42"x6"x50", 2010 
Growth, Light box, origami rice paper boxes, encaustic,
 t-pins covered in waxed tendon, boxes:  3"x3", light box:  46"x6"x56", 2010
 Detail of Embalmed, Tracing paper, shellac, ground B12 vitamins; 2011
Detail of Basin
Detail of Void
Detail of  Growth